FitFeb Karate Session

Posted on 24-01-2018 by Jack Deakin

Try something new with Birmingham LGBT for Fitness February: A month-long programme of free sports, activities and fitness tasters for the LGBT Community in Birmingham, offering something every single day for you to try.
Relax, workout, meet people, learn new skills, do something exciting!

Combining technique, focus and precision with lots of teaching during this session. If you’ve ever wanted to try Karate, now is the time!

Figure doing karate
When: Saturday 3rd February 3-4pm
Where: The Budokan, 31-33 Sutton Street, Birmingham, B1 1PE

A form of martial arts, learn the movements, techniques and Karate uses of kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, and grappling using all parts of the body.
The group will be working in a matted area, so no shoes are required and socks can be worn initially for the general ‘warm-up’. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, changing rooms with showers are available. Jewellery will need to be removed for the session only. For safety, finger and toe nails should be kept short and blunt.

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