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Our Rates
Day Rate: £700 plus travel expenses
Half Day Rate: £350 plus travel expenses

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Birmingham LGBT offers training to a wide range of professionals. Our training provides you with a cost-effective solution to improve your staff’s knowledge and understanding. We provide a participative approach to learning which seeks to raise confidence and competence in dealing with LGBT issues and we always aim to meet participants at their own level of understanding and knowledge. We have over ten years’ experience in developing and delivering training.

We have a range of training offers, and can also devise a bespoke programme drawing from different courses.

Our Rates

Day Rate: £700 plus travel expenses
Half Day Rate: £350 plus travel expenses

Sexual orientation and Gender diversity in the workplace training

Target audience: Managers, senior managers Supervisors and HR Personnel

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session participants will have

  1. Explored the concepts prejudice, discrimination, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and hetrosexism
  2. Have an overview of the legislative framework including the Equality act 2010.
  3. An increased understanding of the issues of silence and invisibility faced by LGB and T people.
  4. An increased awareness of discrimination that LGB and T people experience in the workplace and have explored appropriate responses.
  5. An understanding of why it is important to monitor for sexual orientation.
  6. An increased understanding of how to create an LGBT inclusive organisational culture.

What people said about this training

“Both trainers shared a great knowledge of the subject area, were rather inspirational speakers and facilitated well when broke into groups or had discussion in pairs as part of general training”

“Both trainers were very engaging and conveyed the information in an interesting way.”

“I have more confidence in challenging service delivery”

“Thought provoking,”

“Would and will recommend it to my colleagues to attend”

“Improved understanding of why monitoring is important”

“More knowledge of sexual orientation and monitoring”

“A very good training session which was informative and everyone could share views and ideas,”

Contact us for more details

LGBT+ Awareness training

1/2 day Target audience all staff and volunteers

Learning outcomes

At the end of the session participants will have

  • Explored the concepts prejudice, discrimination, homophobia(transphobia,biphobia) and heterosexism
  • Understand the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Explored a theoretical model of internalised homophobia and heterosexism and understood the effects of internalised homophobia (transphobia,biphobia)
  • An increased understanding of the issues of silence and invisibility faced by LGBT people
  • An understanding of the impact of language and how this affects LGBT people
  • An overview of the legislative framework including the Equality act 2010

Contact us for more details

LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Awareness training

Target audience IDVAs, Domestic violence practitioners, police, probation officers social workers, people who work with LGBT victims of Domestic violence

Learning outcomes 

By the end of the training participants will

  • Have an understanding of the concepts of hetrosxism and homophobia and how these impact on both the victim and the perpetrator
  • Have an understanding of the prevalence of domestic abuse in same sex relationships
  • Explored the dynamics of an abusive relationship as it relates to same sex couples and identified LGBT specific tactics of power and control
  • An understanding of the issues faced by victims/survivors who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans
  • Identified risk factors specific to LGBT domestic violence
  • Been introduced to the same sex Power and Control wheel
  • Explored safety planning with victims/survivors who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans

What people said about this training

General comments

“This training should be compulsory for all safeguarding officers.”

“This training should be for all officers especially front line officers. “

“Very informative on crucial subjects that will be useful in everyday policing”

“Very knowledgeable, articulate presenter”

“Easy to understand, very knowledgeable “

“Informative and captivating. Kept it interesting”

“Very knowledgeable about the subject domestic abuse.”

“Brilliant and More!”

Good training and trainer had lots of experience of working with people (LGBT) as practical examples.

Trans awareness training

Transgender and Non-binary Awareness Training (Online)

Target audience: All staff and volunteers. No prior knowledge of LGB or transgender/ non-binary issues necessary.
This 2-hour, online session can be delivered via Zoom or MS Teams; for groups of up to 30 as an interactive session, or up to 300 as a webinar. We also offer a version with additional content geared towards medical professionals.
To book a session for your organisation, please send your enquiry to
Alternatively, we run a small number of mixed sessions bookable by individual learners throughout the year. To be the first to hear about upcoming dates, our trans & non-binary awareness training mailing list is available here:

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session participants will have:

  • An understanding of the correct terminology and pronouns used to refer to transgender & non-binary people.
  • An increased awareness of the difficulties and inequalities affecting the transgender & non-binary community.
  • Increased cultural competency, to allow them to better understand and communicate with transgender & non-binary service users and colleagues.
  • An overview of their responsibilities towards transgender and non-binary co-workers and service users, as mandated by the Equality Act 2010 and Gender Recognition Act 2004.

What People Said About This Training

  • “It was really good to have a space where i didn’t feel silly for not already knowing all of this, and for it to be perfectly ok to ask questions or for clarification.”
  • I was so impressed and have learnt so much from the 2 hours. The handout training pack was also brilliant quality and will help me to maintain my knowledge and refer back to accurate information.
  • “Think this training should be mandatory for HCP’s [Healthcare Practitioners].”
  • “I have attended quite a few training sessions over zoom since lockdown happened and this has to be the best one i have attended so far. It was interesting, interactive, and very well planned out. I am a trainer within my current role and would say it has really given me food for thought after attending the training.”

Transgender Policy Support & Consultancy

🌈 Elevate Inclusivity: FREE Transgender Policy Support & Consultancy Service for West Midlands Organisations! 🌈

We are pleased to extend this offer to public and Third Sector health or social care organisations, delivering services in the West Midlands conurbation.

What’s on offer?

🗒️ Policy development expertise: From formulating policies for trans staff navigating transition in the workplace, to ensuring the equitable treatment of non-binary service users, we bring a depth of expertise to transgender policy development.

📊 Optimising data collection: Revamp your referral and monitoring forms with our guidance, ensuring that your data collection methods align with best practice. We will empower your organisation to collect meaningful data that contributes to a culture of respect.

🎓 Free transgender awareness training: As part of a package of wraparound support, we provide free transgender awareness training sessions for your staff. Equip your team with insights that foster a workplace culture where everyone can thrive.

🌐 Local expertise: Proudly serving the West Midlands, we possess an in-depth understanding of the local challenges and opportunities.

🤝 Tailored solutions: Recognising the uniqueness of each organisation, we customise our approach to address your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration of inclusive practices.

🎉 How to Get Started:

📞 Reach us at 01216430821 or 📧 Email us at

Useful Information

If you have any enquiries, questions, or if we can help in any way, we’d love to hear from you 

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