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Volunteering at Birmingham LGBT (by Alice Mottram)

Posted on Sun-05-2020 by Matt Lopez

When asked about their motivations for volunteering with the Birmingham LGBT Centre, most of the volunteers on my training cohort stated that, besides altruistic responsibility, they wanted to meet new people. Having moved back to my hometown in the Midlands and lacking a social life beyond my parents, I too wanted to connect with others […]

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Married Men’s Group

Posted on Tue-05-2020 by Jack Deakin

Hello, I’m Jamie. I work at Birmingham LGBT Centre, and I support the sexual health outreach team. Recently I have helped to set up and facilitate the Married Men’s Support Group, which had previously been running at the LGBT centre but had then stopped for a period. It was a group that was very important, […]

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Turning the Tanker Around

Posted on Wed-05-2020 by Jack Deakin

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by Noël Fanthôme. Once, I took part in a mass human observation study.  The computerised programme asked how many sexual partners I’d had in the last five years.  I entered what I thought was a conservative estimate.  There was a momentary pause. Then the screen flashed up a […]

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Staying Connected Through Volunteering and Befriending

Posted on Thu-05-2020 by Maria Hughes

By Siȃn Finn, our Volunteer & Peer Mentor Coordinator Since lockdown, most people have been having to socially isolate and distance themselves because of Covid-19. We are all now in the position of knowing first-hand what it is like not to have physical access to our support networks. What about those that were already socially isolated and […]

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Self Care by Dan Singh

Posted on Wed-04-2020 by Matt Lopez

Hi. I am a Sexual Health Outreach Worker, mainly working with and for South Asian & Middle Eastern men, who may identify as gay, bisexual, or who are unsure how to self-identify. The men I work with already experience isolation, and the current situation is not helping with this. But I would like to remind […]

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