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Census 2021 Statement from the LGBT Sector

Posted on Tue-03-2021 by Maria Hughes

Birmingham LGBT has signed up to this statement. For a full list of signatories, visit https://www.consortium.lgbt/2021/02/18/census-consenus-statement/ The England and Wales Census 2021- taking place on 21st March- will ask voluntary questions about your sexual orientation and trans status for the first time. This is a huge step forwards and has come about in part due to […]

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Proposal: Videographer/ Film Maker £2500

Posted on Tue-01-2021 by Maria Hughes

Birmingham LGBT | Videographer/Film Maker FEE: £2500 (including materials and research time) BRIEF: We are looking to commission a videographer/film-director/filmmaker to create a series of short films to deliver health promotion messages to the LGBT+ community about safety during the Covid 19 pandemic. 5 x 30-60 second films 1 x 3-4 minute film This will […]

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Help us support isolated LGBT people this Christmas

Posted on Mon-11-2020 by Riley Daniels

Christmas can be a very difficult time for many LGBT+ people, it is traditionally a very heteronormative festival with an emphasis on family. For many LGBT+ people, family has a different meaning: referred to “family of choice”. This is often due to necessity as many still face discrimination, rejection, and estrangement from their biological families […]

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