Following a successful funding application to Comic Relief’s COVID-19 recovery fund, Birmingham LGBT is proud to announce the addition of a new free therapeutic counselling service to its range of wellbeing and sexual health services, as part of the recovery from the effects of COVID-19. The centre already offers counselling services for members of the trans community, which launched in late 2019, and these new funds will enable the organisation to offer counselling to all members of the LGBT community.

The funding award will enable Birmingham LGBT to offer free counselling sessions for 6 months to support people during the recovery from COVID-19. The organisation is thrilled to be able to offer this new service, particularly in the light of the impact that COVID-19 has had on the mental health of the LGBT community. Isolation, financial hardship, and a lack of family support are just a few of the many issues impacting the community, many of whom relied on community groups at the LGBT centre, and the bars and clubs in Birmingham’s Gay Village, to provide much needed social activity.

Steph Keeble, Director of Birmingham LGBT said ‘I am delighted that Comic Relief have decided to support this application which will enable us to offer free therapeutic counselling to members of the LGBT community for the next 6 months, many of whom have experienced poor mental health and isolation as a result of the pandemic “

The centre has two fully qualified and BACP registered counsellors available, who will be offering person-centred LGBT affirmative therapy. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, Birmingham LGBT Centre is not open to the public – however appointments can be held via Zoom, Skype, or telephone. Full details are available on the website at or for more information or to book an appointment please email

As well as enabling the organisation to offer the counselling services over the next 6 months, the funding will also contribute towards essential core costs of running and staffing the centre. Like all charities, Birmingham LGBT has been hit hard by the pandemic, losing income from training, room hire and events. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the centre and the valuable work it does for the LGBT community can find out more on the website at


This post was brought to you by Bethanie Browne, our Trans Sexual Health Outreach Worker.

Right now, the world is in isolation, and life is becoming Groundhog Day – or Russian Doll, for those who are not well-versed in their 80s films, but have now watched everything Netflix has to offer. Most people are struggling with cabin fever – however, we know it is important to highlight the particular difficulties the LGBT community may be facing right now. If you’re at home with family/friends who do not understand or maybe even know your true identity and/or sexual orientation, we want to try and take the edge off this frustrating and stressful time you have unwillingly found yourself in.

A lot of people in the community seek companionship, casual soirees, and outdoor activities to satisfy sexual desires, as well as meet new people who have common interests. So, we have devised some top tips to ease that thirst, safely and without hooking up physically with other people.

How to manage isolation thirst…

  1. Reintroduce yourself to your sex toys (or buy some!) Get them out, get them washed, and get them working. This is a great time to get to know yourself, and the benefits are amazing for future intimacy with sexual partners too. It is always good to know what you like and do not like.

  2. Use your hook-up apps and sites for a bit of light and casual sexting. Many sites and apps are great because you can set up a profile where no one will know your personal contact details or whereabouts. This keeps you safe and your identity hidden if that is a concern.

  3. Old school moves – phone and webcam sex. As always, as long as you’re safe with your personal information and engage in sex with people you trust, go for it! Pop some candles on, maybe some sexy music, and get to know your body with someone on the blower.

  4. PORN! Although this can be a controversial subject at times, we have done a little research, and there is a great site called Four Chambers (link can be found below), where they have stills and cinema clips for free. It is a community-funded site that relies on donations. You can sign up, get full cinema clips, and donate some money – the donations go towards further artistic projects. https://afourchamberedheart

  5. Use our social media platforms to talk to others and get ideas. We are here, supporting the community, but ultimately we’re not the experts and if you have better ideas then please share them on our social media platforms.

So, there you have it. These are our ideas and we hope they can help in some way during this peculiar time. There is nothing wrong with feeling frustrated right now, but it is important to manage our emotions and desires by finding safe alternatives during this outbreak.

Most importantly: stay at home, protect yourself and others, and support our NHS.

Birmingham LGBT’s sexual health outreach workers are still available on the phone, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. Please, call us, and know you’re are not alone in this.

Keep watching our channels where we will be providing more Isolation Information for the LGBT Nation!