Saturday 14th December   12.30pm – 4pm, Birmingham LGBT Centre

Birmingham is working hard to become a city where all citizens can thrive and achieve their potential, and creating a healthy, affordable and sustainable food environment across the city is key to this.

When we talk about the food environment in Birmingham we are thinking about how we grow food, transform it from raw materials into dishes, sell it through shops and serve it in schools and care homes, and also how we recycle it and treat food waste.

We are really keen to hear from adults of all ages from the LGBTQI+  community in Birmingham about your thoughts on food and the food choices you make. Birmingham LGBT is contributing to this work by holding a focus group where we will be discussing these topics:

  1. Food Beliefs & Choices
  1. Access to food
  1. Food transformation & consumptions
  1. Food security
  1. Food waste
  1. Food and Climate Change

As a focus group participant, you will be supported to discuss these topics in a safe and welcoming environment. You will be asked to complete a consent form to take part. We will also ask your consent for any photographs that are taken of the event – you don’t have to have your photo taken if you don’t want to.

Each participant will be given a voucher for £15 to thank you for taking part.

You can find out more about the Birmingham Food Conversation from this video: – which will also be played at the focus group.

If you’d like to find out more and take part, please contact Maria on 0121 643 0821 or

You are also welcome to complete an online survey, whether or not you are involved with the focus group – it’s here: