Don’t let them get you to you – An anti-bullying poem

Posted on 06-11-2014 by Sixth Story

“You’re a f***ing faggot!”

“He’s a f***ing gay!”

These words echo forever, they follow me every day.

I took five years of this and maybe a few years more.

Each time it happened I kept my head up and continued walking down the corridor.

Words can really get to you and they might even cut deep.

They might haunt you forever, even in your sleep,

But stand up to them and don’t take any shit

It’s a problem that can be dealt with, take action on this.

Report it to your school, report it to the police,

Talk to your parents, tell someone about it,

Talk it out loud, have faith in your own strength.

Your life is too important you’ve got a future ahead of you.

You’ve got a chance to make a difference

Don’t let them get to you.