Trans Central

What: Trans Central is a (MtF), or Male to Female transgendered community support group providing practical help and peer support to the local Trans community, and creating the opportunity for individual members to take part in community programs and events, which will work towards helping improve confidence, increase knowledge, and empowering Trans women, while in a relaxed, comfortable, safe and friendly Environment.

When: First Monday of each month 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Where: Birmingham LGBT Centre, 38/40 Holloway Circus, Birmingham B1 1EQ

Phone: 07908 319 439

Contact: Bobbi, or via Facebook

Dates for 2018: March 5th | Tuesday 3rd April (due to Bank Holiday) | Tuesday 8th May (due to Bank Holiday) 4th June | 2nd July | 6th August | 3rd September | 1st October | 5th November | 3rd December