Married Men’s Group Facilitator

Carl Marshall, the first facilitator of the Married Men’s Group, talks about the group and its history.   How did the group come about? Well, in 2002, I left my marriage of 20 years as I realised that I was gay. I was very distressed, disoriented, and in need of support, and a friend directed […]

Turning the Tanker Around V2.0

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by Noël Fanthôme. At the end of my last article, I left you with the image of my extensive sexual exploits having caused a computer to raise its electronic eyebrows, together with the sworn commitment to remaining celibate in order to maintain the principles of lockdown. My developing […]


This blog was written by our Sexual Health Outreach Worker, Chris Dunbar. Sometimes, having sex in the safe confines of your bedroom just doesn’t cut it. You may be looking for somewhere new, seeking thrill or adventure, or just not be able to have the sex you want within your four walls. You may have […]


This post is written by Chris Dunbar, our Sexual Health Outreach Worker. When it comes to activity in the bedroom, no one can tell you what you can and can’t do. Trying new things often makes it more exciting and fun, particularly if you are the adventurous type. The important thing is to make sure […]

Delving into the Golden Showers

This post was written by our Trans Sexual Health Outreach Worker, Bethanie Browne. Urolagnia: golden shower, erotic-peeing, wet-sex, uro-sexuality *take a breath* piss play, urophilia, wet-times, pee games, urethral-eroticism, urinism and watersports. Whatever you call it, it’s a thing, and it’s happening all over the world, probably as we speak. Now, I can’t confess to […]

Erectile Dysfunction

This blog was written by our Sexual Health Team Leader, Jake McGee. As sexual health workers, we often hear about extreme sexual practices: parties, multiple partners, marathon sessions, and that’s fine – a few us of us have been there too! But what we don’t hear a lot about is those who are struggling, and […]

Black and Gay

This post was written by our BME MSM Sexual Health Outreach Worker, Peter Rowe. I am a 50 year-old black gay male. I came across the gay scene in Birmingham by accident. At the age of 16, I came to live in the Highgate area of Birmingham. On walking into town, I kept seeing men […]


This blog was written by our Sexual Health Outreach Worker, Stuart Payne. What is rimming? Rimming is… basically licking and stimulating the bum hole of your sexual partner. It may not be for everyone, but for some, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience.  And guess what – it’s not just gay men that do […]

Married Men’s Group

Hello, I’m Jamie. I work at Birmingham LGBT Centre, and I support the sexual health outreach team. Recently I have helped to set up and facilitate the Married Men’s Support Group, which had previously been running at the LGBT centre but had then stopped for a period. It was a group that was very important, […]

Turning the Tanker Around

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by Noël Fanthôme. Once, I took part in a mass human observation study.  The computerised programme asked how many sexual partners I’d had in the last five years.  I entered what I thought was a conservative estimate.  There was a momentary pause. Then the screen flashed up a […]