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LGBT History Month 2022

In Memory of Lyra McKee – LGBT History Month 2022

Posted on Fri-02-2022 by Riley Daniels

The tragic death of Lyra McKee – a distinguished young journalist and avid LGBT rights campaigner – caused shock, grief and anguish across communities in Northern Ireland and beyond in 2019. Tragic, in that her fight for equal rights for all saw her shot during violent reactions to police raids in a residential area of […]

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Olly Alexander and It’s a Sin – LGBT History Month 2022

Posted on Sun-02-2022 by Riley Daniels

The work Olly Alexander has done raising awareness about mental health was the first thing which inspired me, especially as he’s a younger person like me. He’s relatable, open and willing to discuss things which people often avoid. I was really lucky when I was younger – I only had a bit of bullying – […]

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