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Campaign Videos

Keep your Rainbow

We caught up with Barbara and Jeremy at Wayland’s Yard on the set of the Ageing with Pride campaign.
Discussing how they beat isolation by engaging in the LGBT community, Jeremy and Barbara open up about why Ageing with Pride is important.

'The Invisible Years'

We catch up with some of the pioneers of Birmingham’s LGBT community to find out about how they keep their rainbow and stay engaged with LGBT activity in the city, ensuring that they don’t fade into the background in this episode as part of the ‘Keep your Rainbow.’ strand

'I spent 42 years living another life'

Catch up with Ageing with Pride’s familiar faces to discuss how ageing has affected their social life and the barriers they’ve faced within the community in this episode as part of the ‘Keep your Rainbow’ strand.

'With the community as open and accepting as they seem to be these days, it's going to get better'

Our familiar faces are back with the final edition in the ‘Keep your Rainbow’ strand. In this episode, we look back at how the LGBT+ scene used to be in Birmingham, U.K.

A huge thank you to Nicola Prestage from Tiger Features and all of our models

What does Bridging the Gap mean to you?

The faces of Ageing with Pride discuss what it means to bridge the gap between older and younger LGBT people in Birmingham

What divides younger and mature LGBT people?

We try to better understand what causes the casual ageism in the LGBT community

'Bridging the Gap means that LGBT people of all ages can celebrate themselves and others'

Our familiar faces talk about what it takes to bridge the gap and why it’s important.

Continuing the Journey

Our familiar faces talk about what they plan to do to stay engaged with the LGBTQ+ community

What does it mean to be out, proud and over 50 in the 21st century

We talk to our over 50’s and find out what ‘ageing’ really means to them

How do we Bridge the Gap?

Ageing with Pride is a campaign run by Birmingham LGBT to shine a light on the rich lived experiences of members of the LGBT community over 50 years of age. In this short film we cooked up a storm with Aquila and Peter in Bournville College Cookery School Videography by Nicola Prestage at TigerFeatures