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LGBT Volunteer Sexual Health Outreach Role

The main role

The Volunteer LGBT Sexual Health Outreach role will help with improving the sexual health and well-being of the LGBT & MSM community in Birmingham & Solihull through:

  • Identifying individuals from target group(s)
  • Distributing information and resources to individuals on the commercial scene and off scene environments
  • Offering support to the Sexual Health Team when we go to a 7 day a week 12 hour a day service, this will include sometimes being the Meter Greeter within the Sexual Health Clinic.
  • Promoting and recruiting LGBT & MSM community members for testing.
  • Referral into Sexual Health Clinics available at Birmingham LGBT, Health & Well-being Support, the extended range of activities or services available at Birmingham LGBT. Or referral on to 1:1 Sexual Health Support, Counselling or Peer Mentoring
  • Recording activity and results.

Birmingham LGBT will equip volunteers with the skills and knowledge they require to become a Volunteer Sexual Health Outreach Worker. Much of the work will be carried outside usual office hours.

Job Summary

Posted on: 16-02-2016
Location: Birmingham & Solihull
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Volunteer Role Description:

Volunteer Sexual Health Outreach will champion the sexual health and wellbeing of the Birmingham & Solihull LGBT and MSM community by:

  • Identifying and engaging with the LGBT and MSM needing support
  • Working with the wider Sexual Health & Birmingham LGBT staff & volunteer team
  • Communicating clearly with the Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator, Birmingham LGBT staff team members and volunteers, wider partners under the Umbrella Sexual Health partnership and beyond.
  • We will train you to be culturally competent in developing an understanding in the health, well-being and sexual health needs of the LGBT & MSM community.
  • We will work with you to develop your skills, competences and responsibilities and work within the limits of your skills whilst we support you to develop these.

Desirable Attributes:

  • Interest in LGBT Sexual Health and Wellbeing
  • Be self-aware in how they relate to their gender, sexuality and sex-life, or be willing develop their
  • To have basic literacy, numeracy and IT skills
  • Good communication skills including being able to talk to people face to face by themselves, in a group or on the phone
  • Be good at listening to people and able to get on with different kinds of people
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing with good people skills.
  • Commitment to the LGBT community.
  • Ability to be sensitive and relate to a diverse range of people in a non-judgemental way.
  • Wishing to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
  • Able to keep confidential information.
  • Ability to record basic information on the support that is given to others.
  • Be willing to submit a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, if applicable

Potential Volunteer Activities:

  • Receive intensive training & supervision as a Volunteer Sexual Health Outreach
  • Signpost those who wish to receive support to other services both at Birmingham LGBT Sexual Health, Well-being Support services& activities, and beyond Birmingham LGBT.
  • Help to develop a portfolio of LGBT services to sign post individuals to.
  • Outreach work in the community and clinical settings to promote sexual health/ wellbeing campaigns for the LGBT & MSM community.
  • Testing for POCT HIV and other STI’s with advice and support around sexual health/wellbeing