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LGBT Volunteer Peer Mentor Role

The LGBT Volunteer Peer Mentor will support fellow community members, to explore questions they may have related to their gender, sexuality or sex-life in a friendly and relaxed environment. LGBT community members will be paired with trained mentors to share experiences to support participants have a happy, healthy sex life and support them to have a greater understanding of looking after their well-being.

Birmingham LGBT will equip volunteers with the skills and knowledge they require to become a Volunteer Peer Mentor through 2 Core Training Days and there will be further training opportunities on offer such as sexual health and basic counselling skills. We will provide ongoing support and supervision.

Further days Training are optional but will only enhance the Peer Mentor in providing the best service to their Peer Mentee.

Job Summary

Posted on: 16-02-2016
Location: Birmingham & Solihull
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Volunteer Role Description:

Volunteer Peer Mentors will champion the sexual health and wellbeing by:

  • Meeting their Peer Mentee once a fortnight for up to an hour and half at Birmingham LGBT, at a clinic or hospital, or at a venue in an appropriate public space.
  • The Peer Mentor relationships will be from 6-8 sessions.
  • Signposting people to local health and wellbeing services or projects.
  • Sometimes may be asked to carry out outreach work in the community or clinical settings to promote health and wellbeing.
  • May ask you to assist at stalls during specific events including Birmingham Pride, Fresher Fairs etc.
  • Agree to regular supervision and to report any Safeguarding or Boundary Issues  immediately.

The Volunteer Sexual Health Peer Mentors will be required to attend 2 days of Core Training. Further days training are optional but will only enhance the Peer Mentor in providing the best service to their Peer Mentee.

Desirable Attributes:

  • Interest in LGBT Sexual Health and Wellbeing
  • Be self-aware in how they relate to their gender, sexuality and sex-life, or be willing develop their understanding.
  • To have basic literacy, numeracy and IT skills
  • Good communication skills including being able to talk to people face to face by themselves, in a group or on the phone
  • Be good at listening to people and able to get on with different kinds of people
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing with good people skills.
  • Commitment to the LGBT community.
  • Ability to be sensitive and relate to a diverse range of people in a non- judgemental way.
  • Wishing to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
  • Able to keep confidential information.
  • Ability to record basic information on the support that is given to others.

Potential Volunteer Activities:

  • Receive intensive training & supervision as Volunteer Peer Mentor.
  • Signpost those who wish to receive support to other services.
  • Help to develop a portfolio of LGBT services to sign post individuals to.
  • Follow up on any signposting given.
  • Possible outreach work in the community to promote sexual health and wellbeing campaigns.