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Birmingham LGBT (in partnership with Umbrella Health) provides a free, confidential and culturally competent sexual health service specifically for Trans and non binary people.


Many Trans and non binary people may have experienced barriers to accessing mainstream services and may have experienced issues such as being misgendered, incorrect assumptions being made and not feeling understood by practitioners. For some who have had such experiences, this can sometimes result in reluctance or anxieties when accessing health care services.

We provide a safe, supportive and welcoming space which is culturally competent where Trans and non binary people can feel comfortable and confident in accessing.

You can access all aspects of sexual health testing, support, and advice 7 days a week. 1-to-1 support sessions and referral to counselling can also be arranged via Birmingham LGBT’s sexual health team.

You can also arrange to see our dedicated Trans Sexual Health Outreach Worker for 1-to-1 support appointments.

Practical support includes a FREE Assisted STI self-sampling service, enabling you to be able to take your own samples (self swabbing and urine sample collection and assistance with blood samples), which you can do on site with support on how to use the kit if needed.

Alternatively, you can take a home STI testing kit home collect your samples and then send the completed kit directly to the lab for testing.

You can access rapid testing for HIV with results within 60 seconds, 7 days a week.

This specific role within our sexual health services, focuses on the sexual health and well-being of anyone within Trans community:

  • To provide Trans and non binary people with direct access to STI screening, HIV testing, information and advice.
  • To be a point of contact for Trans and non binary people who have concerns or enquiries around their sexual health and sex lives.
  • Refer Trans and non binary people into related services such as counselling, IDVA (independent domestic violence advocate) and ISVA (independent sexual violence advocate), or other relevant services.
  • Identify and challenge barriers that Trans or non binary people may face when accessing healthcare through sexual health promotion and outreach.
  • Promote and be a point of information for Trans and non binary people on specific sexual health and support that is relevant to them.
About Clinic Trans
Clinic Trans is a monthly sexual health clinic exclusively for Trans and non binary people which runs every 4th Friday from 4-7pm.
This clinic is consultant or nurse led and facilitated by our Trans sexual health outreach worker.
For more information see ‘Our Clinics’ section here.

How do I get in touch?

Contact the Sexual Health Team and ask to speak to the Trans Sexual Health Outreach Worker for more information

Tel: 0121 643 0821

e-mail: sexualhealth@blgbt.org


Here you can find some interesting sexual health related and more general links to resources for Trans people:

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