Hidayah LGBT+

What: Welcome to Hidayah. You have come to the right place if you are:

  • Feeling conflicted or alone

  • Looking for support or to make new friends

  • Trying to reconcile your sexuality or Identity with your faith

  • Needing support with family, friends and mental health

Hidayah is an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation. We are entirely volunteer-led and managed via a committee of elected members. Hidayah is a secular organisation, however its projects and activities are developed specifically for the needs of LGBTQI+ Muslims. Our vision is to ensure that the voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims are heard and understood. Our mission is to provide support and welfare for LGBTQI+ Muslims and promote social justice and education about the Muslim LGBTQI+ community to counter discrimination, prejudice and injustice.




Email: info@hidayahlgbt.co.uk

Website: https://www.hidayahlgbt.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hidayahlgbt/

Twitter: @HidayahLGBTQI


Updated 27/03/20