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We’ve come a long way….

Posted on Tue-04-2013 by Sixth Story

As a community lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people have been on an interesting journey over the past half century. In 1957 when the Wolfenden report recommended that homosexuality be decriminalised, the long march towards equality began. Ten years later, in 1967, when decriminalisation actually took place the fight began in earnest. Individuals who […]

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Schools Out!

Posted on Sun-01-2013 by Sixth Story

As the city’s  lesbian and gay community prepare for Birmingham Pride Steve Ball focuses on education. He suggests that there’s still plenty to do to make our schools more inclusive and tolerant for all of our young people Every cause has its bête noire and for the lesbian and gay community it’s our very own […]

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LGBT health research – a Catch-22 situation

Posted on Fri-11-2012 by Sixth Story

Between three and eight percent of the UK population identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (LGBT), but how do we fare in the NHS? It is assumed that LGBT people attend NHS services but when you go to the GP or hospital, the NHS records gender, age, ethnicity and disability but not sexual orientation […]

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We’re coming out!

Posted on Wed-05-2012 by Sixth Story

Helen Boyle considers the business impacts of being out at work and the potential benefits Birmingham could gain from coming out of the closet and embracing the Equality Bill. Government statistics suggest the 7% of the UK population is lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) which would mean that 70 455 in Birmingham would identify as […]

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Sexuality and Faith

Posted on Fri-03-2012 by Sixth Story

It’s hard to believe a time when people of faith argued about who could eat with whom. Or that people argued fiercely that men needed to be circumcised to join churches. Or that slavery was a Christian blessing designed to educate and save souls. Yet all of these arguments and ideological positions have been part […]

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