Boxercise Returns to the Birmingham LGBT Centre

Posted on 04-11-2017 by Sarah Hinksman

Boxercise Classes are back with a new instructor, Amy.

Boxing gloves and pads
The popular Boxercise class has returned to the Vault Fitness Studio at the Birmingham LGBT Centre on Sundays at 2:30pm for 90 minutes of boxing workout fun.

There’s no charge to come along: your boxercise workout is completely free! What have you got to lose…?

This class involves using boxing methods and techniques for fitness.

Each class is different, with a focus on padwork and footwork.

Along with this we also work on bodyweight, coordination and agility exercises to improve our boxing skills, accuracy, core strength and power.

No matter what your ability, if you’re someone who wants to get fit through boxing and interval training whilst having fun, then this is the class for you!

Amy with workout equipment

Meet Amy

Our new Boxercise instructor, Amy, has been in the Health & Wellness industry for over four years and in that time has taught a range of classes.

These have spanned from Les Mills Grit and Sprint to Indoor Cycling, Circuits, TRX, FX, Kettlebells, Boxing and Metafit.

What classes do you most enjoy teaching, Amy?

I absolutely love teaching functional exercises including training methods like interval training, kettlebells and boxing.

I train this way myself and think this is the best way to improve strength, power, mobility and cardiovascular fitness, all while challenging yourself and having fun! 

 What do you do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of my time running my own at-home and outdoor Personal Training business and I share tips, tricks and videos online to help others with exercise, eating well and mental health.

I am a Vegan cooking enthusiast who tries to make healthy versions of every kind of food you can think of. I love travelling, the outdoors, music art and volunteering.

What do you love about sport/fitness?

I have a very personal connection to sport and fitness and it is something that has helped me throughout my life. I believe that looking after ourselves is paramount for happiness and I love that fitness can help us physically, mentally and emotionally.

These three things are all connected and exercise can help us with such a range of different things. From reducing stress, helping relaxation and improving our mental health to keeping our hearts healthy, strengthening our muscles and helping us connect to our own bodies.

It also opens a world of meeting others and forming such positive relationships.

What do you love about teaching exercise classes?

I love mentoring others, helping them reach their potential and achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. From just showing up to a class and taking part, to being able to do a press-up!

Every challenge counts and it is so satisfying when someone does something that they never thought that they could. Exercise is a challenge in itself and I love helping someone be more active and improve their health.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about coming along to your boxercise class?

Just come along and try it once, because you just might love it and if you don’t come, you’ll never know!

We are all very different, have different goals and enjoy different kinds of exercise. What I try to do in my classes is include every kind of movement and a range of styles to keep it fun and suitable for all. It doesn’t matter what your ability is, this is a class for fitness, not for competing.

I want to bring people together to improve our skills and health, get out all of that stress from the week, get our heart rates up, improve our strength and power and over all, have fun whilst doing it.

It’s just a massive bonus that you’ll be learning all these boxing techniques and methods along the way! :

Further information (for those who like detail!)

  • If it’s your first time coming to one of our classes, come along a few minutes early to sign in and find the Vault.
  • When you arrive, come through the main doors and press the buzzer beside the door on your right – let them know you’re here for boxercise and in you come.
  • Wear something you can get sweaty and move around in.
  • There are changing facilities and toilets, but not showers, at the centre.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a bottle of water. There’s a water fountain just outside the studio.
  • This class is funded by the Activate project, supported by Sport England.
  • Occasionally there have to be changes to classes so do follow us on Twitter for the latest information.

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