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About Ageing with Pride

A year-long campaign aimed at promoting the lives and lived experiences of older LGBT people across the city.

Birmingham LGBT has launched Ageing with Pride, a year-long campaign aimed at promoting the lives and lived experiences of older LGBT people across the city, focusing on highlighting the positive contributions those over the age of 50 and who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender have made to the region both today and historically.

A new campaign

The new campaign, funded by  the Big Lottery fulfilling lives Ageing better programme, also aims  to tackle ageism, something many older LGBT people experience from not only wider society, but commonly from within their own community too.

There’s an emphasis on youth as being central to participation in LGBT communities.

The Figures

Research by Stonewall highlighted that social isolation is a serious issue for older LGBT people, with older LGBT people significantly more likely to be living alone, 41% compared to 28% of heterosexuals. A key output of the high-end campaign, which will see adverts appearing in a number of key locations including on the sides of city-centre buses, will signpost older LGBT’s to community groups and activities that can reduce isolation.

Gross-generation cohesion, a key strategic output of Ageing with Pride, will aim to bring both older and younger LGBT people together, and will face, head-on, the negative image the so-called “gay scene” has for many people in the LGBT community.

Ageing with Pride will also recruit Ambassadors from all walks of life and backgrounds to go out into the wider community to promote the key messages of the campaign. Ambassadors will visit care homes, GP surgeries, community centres, hospitals and libraries armed with the knowledge, materials and messages to improve areas and services with respect to inclusion for older LGBT persons.

Get Involved

For more information on how to get involved in the LGBT community aged 50 and over, please visit Ageing Better, another Birmingham LGBT project facilitated by BVSC and Big Lottery that provides funding and support for people interested in creating activity to combat isolation.