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Growing the LGBT Leaders of tomorrow

The LGBT Leadership Academy Programme

Birmingham LGBT has created this unique Leadership Academy Programme, the first of its kind in the West Midlands. The Academy has been developed to create and sustain LGBT leaders skilled in facilitating the growth of resilient, diverse organisations and communities, and to enable them to become more engaged in all areas of public life.

A key aim of the Leadership Academy is to enable LGBT people to become empowered to be decision makers, in supporting their organisations and workforces to achieve greater equality, inclusiveness and diversity.


The programme provides structured learning in five clear stages designed to support successful candidates to focus on their own personal and professional development. The programme also allows for periods of reflection and learning implementation throughout.

The LGBT Leadership Programme is nationally endorsed through the Institute of Leadership & Management (www.i-l-m.com).

‘I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is the best leadership course I have been on’ Leadership Academy Programme Attendee 2014

‘The LGBT Leadership programme is a great way to empower our community to lead on its own issues and struggles’ Leadership Academy Programme Attendee 2015

Course Overview

The Five Stages of the Course


Stage One: Leadership and Communication Skills
Over two days you will experience and explore power and leadership principles ascribed to autocratic, servant and facilitative leadership as a means of determining your unique leadership style and areas for development. We will discuss the role of leadership within the LGBT community and a range of key communication skills to support your own knowledge, growth and progression as someone who identifies as LGBT.

Stage Two: Leading Teams and Conflict Resolution Skills
Conflict is natural and all teams experience it so having the skills and confidence to meet conflict situations is essential for building and leading healthy teams. Over two days you will explore your personal experiences, your preferences for handling conflict and the stages of conflict transformation, and how these have been shaped or influenced by identifying as LGBT. Beginning with the foundations for building a strong team, you will have a chance to explore techniques and skills to use when in and managing conflict.

Action Learning Set (3 x half day sessions)
Action learning is a powerful mechanism that will provide you with the tools to effect positive change both professionally and personally, to progress new opportunities and ideas and to enable reflection and continued learning in your leadership development. It offers learning to take back to the workplace and translate into action, the chance to work smarter and find creative ways to bring about change, and insight into how others achieve different solutions.

Please click here to download an information sheet containing more information about the course

Case Study

Graduate A

Graduate A is a mid level manager working within the health sector who undertook the LGBT Leadership Academy Programme in 2014.

Reflecting on whether they have applied any learning from the course in their workplace, Graduate A stated that they now have greater confidence, especially in facilitating groups, and that they are arranging an away day for the team they work with based on some of the skills I have learnt around team engagement, coaching and action learning.

In addition Graduate A believes they have achieved career progression resulting in more involvement in planning, project management and strategy, and that they ‘now have the tools to develop an LGBT network in the workplace’, which they have started to create. They are also now more involved in their organisation’s staff engagement group and have contributed to their organisation’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

In terms of the impact of the course on their personal life Graduate A states that they are now more driven by self-regulation rather than acting on emotions, that they ask a lot more open questions and that rather than trying to please everyone, they now focus on being empathic, the key skill learned on the course around understanding how others are feeling. The impact for Graduate A has been that they feel more confident in dealing with other people and recognise triggers for confrontation and different ways to deal with difficult situations.


Graduate A states that they were very mindful of how much they learnt on this course. They had previously completed ILM7 where they gained a good knowledge of leadership theories and a few tools to help develop their personal style…

‘…yet it felt like a very academic experience. In comparison, the LGBT Leadership Course has been amazing. In particular working and learning with other LGBT people and having a united approach to the issues we face in leadership roles. I have made new friends, have a solid support network to support me in achieving my personal and organizational aims. Action Learning Sets have been a very powerful tool to help problem solve…’

Graduate A goes on to state:

‘…I would recommend this course as it is based on an inclusive programme. It is fun, informative and fast paced with plenty of chance to try things out. It has helped me to challenge my leadership style and consider different approaches for different situations. The content is very professional and covers a wide range of exercises..

‘…I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is the best leadership course I have been on.’


How to book your place

Application Process

As we have experienced a high level of demand for the previous two programmes we will be operating an application process. Please complete the application form with as much detail as you can to assist us with selection. Successful applicants are subject to our Cancellation Policy.

Fee The fee for the full programme is £1,500 per candidate. There are options for some applicants to undertake individual modules rather than the entire course and we are happy to discuss this with interested parties, although we recommend completing the full course to achieve the greatest learning and impact.

‘Taking an opportunity to attend the LGBT Leadership Academy Programme was a very valuable decision as it has had a positive impact both professionally and personally – highly recommended’ Leadership Academy Programme Attendee 2014

Download an application form LGBT Leadership Academy 2017 Application Form , and email back to rosgammie@blgbt.org

For further information contact Matt Daniels

midanconsultant@gmail.com  or call  07966 418 713

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