What: TranSpectrum is a Safe Social Space for anyone who identifies under the Trans* umbrella (as defined by Stonewall) – whether you are questioning your gender, don’t fit in a box or don’t want labels, or if you are comfortably identifying as anything other than Cisgender. A meet up for the whole gender spectrum.

We meet up every Saturday afternoon at Holloway’s (the cafe at Birmingham LGBT centre) to socialise and access peer support within the Trans* community and enjoy the food and drink that is on offer! (vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/dairy free options available!)

Look out for the Trans Flag and Phoebe the Pink Elephant.

Where: Holloways’s, 38 Holloway Circus, Birmingham B1 1EQ

When: Every  Saturday, 2pm – 4pm

Mobile: Louie on 07518 152 064



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TranSpectrum is an Ageing Better Network